Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 is coming.

yeahh, i'm not been here quite long, mybe i'm too busy for this. Mybe i was busy working, ya ya my job is not an office hour time, work on shift, that a lil bit tired. I will find a better job, better salary to support myself, now already got my driving license, alhamdulillah. Sooner will buy a new car and new house, insyaallah. November is almost gonna be end, December is coming, we are nearing 2012, hope next year will be better than this year, leaving 2011; the year that give me much of test. alhamdulillah, i've faced that. thx god. sangat2 brsyukur.

Azam Taun 2012: Xnk gngu gf org lg, try to find lot of friends, friends that can stay close to me when i needed, try to save my money, and make a change for myself, also find sum1 special :)


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